Infant Program

Our infant program is designed to create a safe, welcoming environment where your baby can learn and grow. We understand that being away from mom or dad for the first time can be uneasy for some babies. We want to make this experience as comfortable as possible. In the infant room, it is their world! We let them tell us what to do! They eat on demand, nap when they are tired, and have the spotlight at all times. We hold them, play with them, read to them, and give them plenty of tender loving care. We recognize they are individuals with their own personalities and their own set of likes and dislikes. We respect their individuality and work with them as they grow and develop at their own pace. We ask that parents provide us with a sample schedule of their child's daily routine while at home so that we can do our best to keep the environment familiar.     

The infant room environment includes many interactive toys, colorful books, and interesting manipulative that make exciting sounds while stimulating the infants' desire to investigate the world around them. Parents are welcome to bring in any other toys that make your baby comfortable. We want them to feel at home.  

 As parents, you deserve to know everything that happens while your baby is in our care. We will make every effort to ensure that you are always in the know. We love to tell you about and show your child's experiences through daily communications and your baby's personal care plan. Our parents are welcome to visit and take a peek as often as they desire. All of our classrooms are equipped with security cameras so parents can rest assured that their little ones are being cared for at the highest level at all times.