Parent Handbook

The Learning Train Academy is open Monday through Friday from 6:30 am to 6:00 pm. To minimize class disruption and allow staff to focus on instruction we ask that all children arrive to the center by 10:00 am. We will not admit any children after 10:00 without a note from a doctor or other appointments. During pick-up time we ask that you gather your children as quickly as possible and exit the center. This time should not be used for socializing with other parents as it interferes with the level of attention being paid to children still waiting to be picked up. We cannot be responsible for your children after you have arrived to pick them up. A late fee of $1.00 per minute will apply for children picked up after 6pm and must be paid before your child can return. 
There is a non-refundable $50 registration fee. At the time of enrollment, you will be required to pay the registration fee and the first week's tuition. A future spot will be held for your child for up to two weeks from the date of registration unless otherwise agreed upon. After two weeks your registration fee and spot will be forfeited. 
Payments are due every Monday for the current week. Please place cash or checks in an envelope with your child's name on it and a receipt will be in your child's cubbie by the end of the day. There is a $35 fee for any returned checks. A $25 late fee will apply to any tuition not paid by Wednesday for the current week. Tuition is continuous throughout the year. There are no refunds or allowances for illness, holidays, or closures. At least two weeks' notice is required for vacation or you will be responsible for tuition during the vacation time. You cannot change enrollment status from week to week. If your child is enrolled full-time and you would like to change to part-time at least 2 weeks' notice is required. Your child will not be accepted into school if payments are more than one week behind. Rate changes are evaluated yearly. Parents/guardians will be notified 60 days prior to a rate increase. 
(Weekly) Full-time
6 weeks - 13mo: $275
14mo-24mo: $250
24mo - 36mo: $225
3yrs - 5yrs: $200
School Age Before/After Care: $125
Summer: $150
Part-time (3 days)
6 weeks - 13mo: $200
14mo-24mo: $185
3yrs - 5yrs: $175
We are closed on New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day. Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day. the Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day. We will close at 3:00pm on New Year's Eve and Christmas Eve.
** Please check the monthly calendar for additional closures. **
For severe weather conditions The Learning Train Academy may be closed. A closing announcement will be made by 5:00 am, please call the center.
All changes in address. phone numbers, employment, authorized pick-up people, etc. must be reported immediately. Emergency contact forms must be updated every 6 months. 
A new health assessment which is signed and dated by your child's physician must be completed within 30 days of enrollment, and updated annually or at least every six months for children under 12 months. Children with expired health assessments will not be admitted to the center until a new assessment is completed by a physician. 
No child will be released to anyone other than the parents or persons listed as an authorized pick-up with a valid photo-i.d. If the person does not have acceptable form of identification, you will be asked to make other arrangements for your child to be picked up Late fees will be applied if children are picked up after 6:00pm. 

If a child becomes ill or injured while in our care, a parent will be notified immediately. No child will be admitted to the center if they display any of the symptoms listed on the sick policy form. Your child must be picked up immediately if he/she develops any of the symptoms while in our care. A doctor's note will be required upon return to the center. 
All items brought into the daycare must be labeled with the child's name. This includes diapers, wipes, cups, change of clothing, pacifiers, blankets, bottles, etc. Please refrain from sending toys to the daycare unless specified from your child's teacher. For show and tell we ask that you allow your child to bring ONE inexpensive item clearly labeled. Please no small pieces. 
Breakfast is served from 7:30am until 9:00am. if your child arrives after 9:00am please feed them before arrival. We provide morning snack at 10am and afternoon snack at 3:30pm. We supply milk, juice and water. If you pack lunch for your child please place items in a lunch bag or brown paper bag. Be sure all items are clearly labeled. Upon arrival place the lunch bags on the top of the cubbies. Please refrain from sending frozen meals, or Raman noodles for lunch. 
All medications both prescription and non-prescription must be in the original container with the pharmacy label including your child's name. A medication log must be completed by the parent each day the medication is to be administered if the log is not complete no medicine will be administered. 
Your child will receive a daily report letting you know what took place during the day. It will also let you know when your child is low on supplies such as diapers and wipes. Please be sure to take your child report from the cubbies daily 
Please dress children appropriate for the weather. We go outdoors on a daily basis, weather permitting. Please make sure children have a weather appropriate change of clothes to be kept at the center. 
Children are observed on a daily basis. We will hold parent/teacher conferences twice a year to discuss your child's development and address any concerns. 
Although we will take all necessary steps including providing adequate expertise or resources for the child's needs. unfortunately it may be necessary for us to terminate care for a child due to behavioral, health, or compliance issues. Two weeks' notice will be given in this instance. Care can be terminated for the following reasons: 
  • Parent/guardian is constantly late for pick up
  • Child has been absent for 10 or more consecutive days w/o notice
  • Parent/guardian is abusive or offensive to staff
  • Parent/guardian is 10 or more days late with tuition payment
  • Child consistently harms other children 
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